Headbands and headwraps always seem to get mixed up with one another, leading to people getting confused as to which is a headband and which is a headwrap.  The best way to set these two apart is by trying on both.  You will then realize that headwraps cover the entire hair or at least most of it while a headband is designed to only keep the hair off of one’s face.

Red Polka Dot Headwrap

Red Polka Dot Headwrap

Polka dots are so cute on head coverings like headwraps! Just try wearing this red polka dotted headwrap and you’ll know what I mean. Headwraps are absolutely convenient and fashionable at the same time which is why a lot of women love wearing them.

Red Paisley Chiffon Headwrap

Red Paisley Headwrap

Headwraps are usually made out of fabrics that are easy to wash and comfortable to wear like cotton.  This one’s a chiffon headwrap and is designed with paisley patterns, which is very popular among the young fashionistas of today.

Orange Leopard Print Headwrap

Orange Leopard Headwrap

And of course this entry on headwraps would not be the same without our final featured product, which is this orange leopard print headwrap.  Start shopping for all of your headwraps and head accessories from Bandana-World today !