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Wide Headband Especially for the Ladies

Here at Bandana-World, we also have an extensive collection of headbands. Made from stretchable material, it is comfortable and can easily accommodate most head sizes. With the many colours, styles and designs that we have in our store, you can buy a headband for each day of the week.

One might think that a headband’s just a headband, but you can also be creative in wearing one. Not only can you use it as a headband to keep your hair in place, you can also opt to wear it as a hair tie. Besides that, you can also combine 2 or more headbands to be worn at once to give it a unique personal touch.

So, go ahead and look through our collection at Bandana-World. Here’s a little teaser of what we carry in our store.

Lime Wide Jersey Headband

Lime Wide Jersey Headband

Made from stretchable jersey material, this lime wide jersey headband is comfy to say the least. Wear it to work or wear it during your workout, you can be sure that it will perform well in any situation. Another creative way to wear this headband is under your head scarf to achieve a cool layered look.

Red Polka Dot Wide Headband

Red Polka Dot Wide Headband

This red polka dot wide headband is very sweet and cute. The headband is a delightful match to either a plain red or white dress. Or if you’re daring enough, you can go retro and match it to a polka dot dress. In what ever combination you pair this headband with; it surely is eye catching enough to make heads turn.

Black Wide Headband

Black Wide Headband

This basic black wide headband is a must have accessory for anyone who is into accessories. Functional and practical, you can wear it for every day casual wear. If you want a personalised touch, you can even fasten a small sparkly brooch on it to add some zing to your day.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Bandana-World to see the collection of cute and charming headbands that we have. Purchase some for your family and friends too!


Be that girl on the cover! Get one of our exquisite ladies chiffon headbands.  These are hair accessories that are fashion forward.  It’s the obsession of all ladies out there! We have pieces that cater to every individual’s taste. Wide headbands and chiffon headbands are available just for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an order now and take pleasure in beautifying your crowning glory!  These are just subtle hair accessories but are very captivating to look at.  These headbands are uniquely made such that they won’t slip off your head like any other ordinary headbands out there.  Here are a few of our items for you to take a look at:

Red Floral Wide Chiffon Headband

Red Floral Wide Chiffon Headband

This red floral wide chiffon headband is a wide headband that has a stretchy back for a secure fit on your head. Its floral prints speak of freshness that is so perfect for summer day outings.  Gold glitter details are also being incorporated in this chiffon headband that gives it a uniquely delicate yet fashionable glow.

Brown & Yellow Zebra Print Chiffon Headband

Brown & Yellow Zebra Print Wide Chiffon Headband

Doll up yourself with this brown and yellow zebra print chiffon headband!  Zebra prints equate to glitz and glamour.  It’s an all time favourite for fashion icons. This chiffon headband is also non-slipping!  It comes with a stretchy back that is comfy and secure not matter how you move.  Don’t delay!  Be one of the trendy girls out there with this zebra print chiffon headband.

Blue & Beige Hippie Pattern Chiffon Headband

Blue & Beige Hippie Pattern Wide Chiffon Headband

Be the hippest gal out there with this blue & beige hippie pattern chifon headband! It has a perfect blend of floral prints and gold glitter details that gives it a smoldering effect.  Our chiffon headband is especially made for all the ladies out there who are hip and fashionable!  Order your wide chiffon headband now! It’s a chance for you to shine!